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Pleasure Parties by Bliss 
‘cuz Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
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email: BlissConnection@gmail.com

We do NO FEE pleasure parties for women all over San Jose, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, Cupertino, Milpitas, Fremont, Gilroy, Morgan Hill, Palo Alto, Los Gatos, San Francisco, Redwood City, San Carlos, Woodside, San Ramon, Belmont, Menlo Park, Los Gatos, Fremont, Saratoga, Los Altos and many more. Call us to see if we do parties in your areas. 408-712-3809

Call us to reserve a date as soon as you can. Fridays and Saturdays tend to book up first, but we're available to do a party for you any day of the week. You can also email us at info@blisspartiesinc.com or call us in San Jose at 408-712-3809.

What is the cost for a Bliss Pleasure Party?
There is no charge. Our hostesses actually earn free products based on the total sales the night of the party. However, BC does require a $30 - 50 deposit to hold the date. We refund that $30 to you the night of the party in the form of a $30 - 50 credit towards your purchase as long as the party nets $300 in sales. If the party is less then $300, your deposit is given to the Consultant to help defray her costs for your party. Call us and we can explain the deposit to you in more detail.

For your deposit, we can take a credit card over the phone or you can mail us a check to: Bliss Connection, 1702 Meridian Ave, #139, San Jose, CA 95125

As a Hostess, what is expected of me?
You provide the place for the party and invite your friends. We prefer 10 – 20 women to guarantee a successful pleasure party.  Our Romance Specialists will bring approximately 60 - 70 samples of lubricants, massage oils, edible gels, novelties and POWER TOOLS! She will also bring about 3 - 4 boxes of new inventory so you and your friends can take home your purchase that night. Where possible, we do like to have a private room or office where we can take orders discreetly and bag the products you and your friends purchase. 
How many people are required to be at the party?
Bliss Parties prefers somewhere between 10 - 20 guests. Be sure to over invite and tell your friends to bring a friend. We typically plan to be at your home for about 3 hours. If there are 20 people or more, the party and the order taking can run longer.

We will call you a few days before the party to confirm the amount of guests so we are prepared with enough menus and inventory for your party.

Do the toys come in the mail or do we take them home that night?
Bliss Parties realizes that most people do not want to wait for the toys and other products they purchased at your Pleasure Party. When possibly, our Romance Specialists will bring 3 - 4 boxes of new oils, lubricants, novelties and toys with them to your party.  For parties in San Francisco, we will bring our samples and catalogs. Due to the parking situation, we cannot bring our FULL inventory to your party, but it only takes a few days to get your goodies as they ship direct to you and to your friends from San Jose or our warehouse in Hollister or Los Angeles.

When we do bring the inventory, we like to set up a private room were we will take the orders.  We typically have anywhere from 2 - 5 of each of the items we feature on our party menu. We find that our customers enjoy knowing that we will actually have inventory with us and it makes the party much more exciting and better attended if they know beforehand that we will have their purchases right there the night of the party.

How long does the presentation last?
Our party consultants like to begin each party with a quick game or two to get your friends and guests warmed up for the presentation. We also bring fun and sensual small gifts to give to the winners of each game. Depending on the amount of guests you have, the presentation of the products can last between 1 and 2 hours. We also like to plan for about another hour for the order taking. Due to the amount of time it takes us to set up our inventory and break it down and put it back in our vehicle, we normally find that we are at most parties between 3 and 4 hours total. 

Be sure to let all of your friends and guests know that our Romance Specialists will be making a very fun, educational and informative presentation and will teach you and your friends new ideas and techniques that may open your eyes to a new world of sensual excitement and pleasure.

To generate excitement around your party, be sure to let your friends know that we bring lots and lots of NEW inventory that they can purchase and take home the night of the party. We also let everyone smell, taste and touch all of the products. And, be sure to call each of your guests to remind them 1 day before the party! 

What if we are planning a party for a bridal shower or bachelorette party?
Great! A pleasure party is perfect for birthdays, divorce parties, bachelorette parties and bridal showers. However, we would like to politely request that you ask your guests not to bring shower or other gifts to your party. We can set up a gift registry with the guest of honor using our party menu and have her circle items that she might be interested in. She can circle the items, give it to our consultant and when your friends come back to place their orders, they can purchase items off of her registry as they are placing their own order.

We can bag those items separately so that your friends can present her with the items they purchased for her. We can also set up the party so that the guest of honor receives some or all of the hostess credit. We are pretty flexible and the Romance Specialist that is assigned to your party can work out all of those details with you before the party.
Is it O.K. if we have a stripper at a Bliss Pleasure Party?
We prefer that you ask the stripper to come to your party after we have finished our presentation. For example, if you start the Pleasure Party at 7, we would like to request that you ask the stripper to show up at 10:30 or 11. That is normally enough time for a very fun, relaxing presentation and enough time for our consultants to take the orders, fill them and then load all of the inventory, lingerie and samples back into her car before the strippers starts his or her show.

Does Bliss Parties do co-ed pleasure parties?
Generally, we find that most women attending pleasure parties prefer an ALL GIRLS party. We find that women tend to feel more comfortable sharing their experiences and asking questions when there are no men present. However, we have done a few successful co-ed parties. Give us a call and we can talk about it more on the phone. We have found that co-ed parties with more mature men (over 35) also work well.

Pleasure Parties Bay Area  Tel: 408-826-9087  email: Info@Blisspartiesinc.com
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