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Games for Adults
31 Sexual Favors for Her 31 Sexual Favors for Her
Packaged in a cute little ice cream bucket, 31 Sexual Favors for Her will add a little "flavor" to any evening!

Enjoy 31 unique and exciting sexual activities aimed at pleasing the little lady in your life. Keep them in your nightstand for a spontaneous treat, or hide them in her lunchbox or pocket as a glance of what's to come later in the evening.

A favor she'll savor! 31 Sexual Favors for Her features 31 circular tokens promising a variety of sexual services that will leave her utterly satisfied and eager to return the favor. Comes in charming pink and black tin with carrying strap. Also available in 31 Sexual Favors for Him.

Playful and fun, these 31 Sexual Favors are guaranteed to put YOU in good favor with that someone special!
[more information]  $17.00  
Pin The Hose on the Fireman Pin The Hose on the Fireman
Pin The Hose On The Fireman Game is certainly a fun one. It is sort of a rip-off of "Pin The Macho On The Man," another game we offer. Both are a risque version of pin the tail on the donkey. A poster of a man is hung on the wall (you provide the tape) and each girl gets a different "hose." Wrap a blindfold or scarf around your friends head, spin her around 5 times and let her try to find the way.

The two versions of the game differ in the following ways:

  • Pin The Macho On The Man has a greater variety of penises. It has hot dogs, candy canes, fish, all sorts of things that represent penises. It is very fun in this way.
  • Pin The Hose On The Fireman has a two sided poster. One side is Caucasian, the other side is African American. This makes it one of only a few black party favors we have found.
  • The poster for Pin The Hose On The Fireman is larger.
  • Pin The Macho On The Man has poems on all of the penises which makes it more fun to play.

[more information]  $17.00  
Strip Chocolate by Chocoholics Strip Chocolate by Chocoholics
Chocohlics Strip Chocolate Game - Makes A Game Out Of Dessert!

Strip Chocolate makes a game out of dessert. Strip chocolate is a deliciously satisfying way to get maximum enjoyment out of your time in your bedroom. You will want to play again and again. Nobody loses in Strip Chocolate. Even "getting licked" is a good thing. Strip Chocolate is designed for two players who wish to share an intimate encounter.

Before beginning, both players should agree that the game cannot end until at least one player has completely stripped. You play by drawing a Chocolate or a Dare Card (25 each). The Chocolate Cards shows a simple design and names a body part where you will draw the design. You don't draw with paint, instead you work with delicious chocoholics body frosting. Later, dare cards will allow you to eat the artwork you have painted on your game mate. Dare cards can also work against you, so beware. You may take it all off quicker than you think! The Game contains;
* One 1.5 oz. (43g) Original Sin Chocolate Body Topping
* One 1.5 oz. (43g) Wild Cherry Chocolate Body Topping
* A Game Board * 2 Brushes * 2 Game Pieces * Die
* Game Cards and Instruction Sheet
The Strip Chocolate game is the ultimate chocolate fantasy!
[more information]  $38.00  
Erotic Strip Poker Erotic Strip Poker
This Erotic Strip Poker Game includes 54 playing cards and 30 pink and black poker chips, and comes in a sturdy attractive 6" x 9" x 2.5" tin. Two or more players can watch players strip down and perform dirty deeds as they redeem their Sexy Reward Cards!

[more information]  $34.00  
Get Naked Dice Get Naked Dice
It’s what you do once the clothes are off that make it a real bedroom sizzler. Take turns rolling Get Naked Dice™ and see what sexy favors you can win.
[more information]  $20.00  
Truth or Dare Poker Truth or Dare Poker
Add a new twist to the game poker with Truth or Dare Poker Game. Rather than the stakes being money or poker chips, risk telling truths and performing dares. The object of Truth or Dare Poker Game is just like a poker game, to win. The better your poker hand is, the more truths and dares you get to dole out to the players of your choice. Included are 52 poker cards, 52 truth questions, 52 dares, one joker, and a poker hand rank sheet. Dare yourself to have fun and play Truth or Dare Poker Game. Be sure to include Casino or Poker decorations to your unique twist on poker.
[more information]  $9.00  
Spicy dice Spicy dice
Mix things up with a roll of the dice. Great gift for married couples. Spice up your love life with some sassy dice.
[more information]  $7.00  
Get Screwed Cards Get Screwed Cards
Adult version of GO FISH. Ask for a naughty card then “Get Screwed”!  It's just like GO FISH, but with funny drawings to go along with the "naughty" titles one each card.
[more information]  $10.00  
Blow Job Vouchers Blow Job Vouchers

When you can't find the perfect present or you don't have time to shop, give the best gift of all--yourself in 10 easy-to-swallow doses at his request. This little book of comical cartoon coupons lets your man choose from blow jobs under water, in the car, in the kitchen. . . you get the idea.

[more information]  $7.00  
Hugs and Kisses Coupon Book Hugs and Kisses Coupon Book
Perfect gift to say “I love you”. Romantic coupons that include "Get Out of the Dog House Free" vouchers and other playful coupons.
[more information]  $7.00  
Original Dirty Dice Original Dirty Dice

The Original Adult Dice Game!
The infamous “little pink dice” in the “little pink package!”

Best-selling adult party game!

  • Fun at parties, with your lover or those with whom you would like to get better acquainted
  • Take turns rolling the Dirty Dice & performing the action you score
  • One dice will determine the action the other the body part on which to perform the action
  • Unpredictable foreplay adventures…with every throw of the dice
  • Dice game includes keepsake storage bag

[more information]  $9.00  
Oral Sex game Oral Sex game
Couples game that includes 2 flavored lube game pieces. The focus of this game is ORAL sex for him and for her. Roll the die and get readay for some fun. Comes in an adorabe lip shaped tin carrying case. 
[more information]  $32.00  
Between the Sheets Between the Sheets
Between the Sheets is a grown up version of Twister. Game includes a six by six foot of plastic sheet and a heart shaped spinner. Spinner has the left hand, left foot, right foot and right hand placements. Between the Sheets is new and improved. Between the Sheets is the game that turns your bed into the ultimate adventure. Each step will increase the intensity for the player. Between the Sheets is manufactured by Pipe Dreams. Pipe Dreams 30 Years of Pleasure Always on the Cutting Edge!
[more information]  $28.00  
Lust: Couples Game Lust: Couples Game
Lust is a game for lovers that allows you to explore both romantic and physical intimacy with your partner. You and your partner begin by placing your markers at the start of the gameboard. As you land on various footstep game spaces, you select cards that have you and your lover acting out or sharing various romantic and sexual indulgences with each other. While venturing along the path, you also earn Love-Making Cards. These cards explicitly illustrate either a foreplay activity or a sexual position. You and your partner use these cards to build and agree on a sexual fantasy. The first person to reach the bed at the end of the path takes the collected Love-Making Cards and initiates the love-making techniques depicted on the cards. Each game ends with a unique love-making experience because there are over 30,000 possibilities within the Love-Making Cards. Game comes with game board, 20 Romance cards, 20 Sensuality cards, 20 Body Language cards, 40 Love-Making cards, 2 game markers, 1 die, and game rules. Note: This game is appropriate for adults only.
[more information]  $21.00  
Are You A Good Lover Game Are You A Good Lover Game
Are you a ten out of ten? The Are You a Good Lover? Game is a great game for you and your lover to play and have some good laughs. As you move around the board, you will be rated based on many different things, and in the end, you will find out just how good of a lover you are.

This could be traumatic, but it could be a learning experience! You'll find out the areas in which you are top-notch and your lover will give you the opportunity to practice when you fall short. Hey - practice makes perfect!

[more information]  $28.00  
Clit Flicker Clit Flicker

You'll BOTH love this hands-free vibrator for her hot spot! A powerful miniature vibe sits behind a jelly rubber tongue to lap-lap-lap away and buzz-buzz-buzz on m'lady's clitoris. Cock ring gives him a bigger boner––everyone's happy and gets a BIG "O"! 6 FREE BATTERIES, INCLUDING RE-FILLS.

[more information]  $28.00  
Truth or Dare Chocolate Truth or Dare Chocolate
From the makers of the wildly popular Strip Chocolate, comes a new and revealingly delicious adult dessert game – Truth, Dare or Chocolate. Chocoholics has given the age-old game of Spin the Bottle a new chocolate twist. If you are hungry for dessert and some very seductive action, turn the lights on low, spread out a comforter by a cozy fire and get ready for some embarrassing, but titillating fun. You will earn points for telling Truths, taking Dares and tattooing your partner with delicious Chocoholics Body Frosting. Be the first to earn 20 points and you get to present your partner with your Ultimate Dare! Chocoholics Truth, Dare or Chocolate will be the most memorable dessert experience you have ever had.
[more information]  $29.00  
Let's Fool Around Let's Fool Around
This is a Sexy Adult Foreplay Game for two or More Players. Roll the dice and follow the rules! You must follow the rules when you play this game or it's just no fun! Roll 'em and have some fun. 5 dice total.
[more information]  $10.00  
Intimate 4Play Game Intimate 4Play Game

I4P will be sensually fun and a partner learning experience. The object; to learn more about each other - mind, body and soul. By incorporating intimate touch concepts from Tantric sex methods and the Kama Sutra, I4P is designed to enlighten. Allow yourself to explore each other and experiment with intimacy to enhance sensual perception and expand your capacity for pleasure.

Couples are encouraged to use soft sensual touches when required and language that is positive and supportive. Laugh and respond verbally to your partner. One way to spoil the game is by refusing to answer a question or by criticizing or insulting your partner.

[more information]  $20.00  
Shunga Body Chocolate Shunga Body Chocolate

Combine adult play with romance using this Chocolate Body Paint to write love poems, draw hearts, flowers and reveal your artistic side. It's insanely delicious.... Net 3.5 oz. fl. / 100 ml.

[more information]  $18.00  
31 Sexual Favors for Him 31 Sexual Favors for Him
A favor he'll savor! 31 Sexual Favors for Him features 31 circular tokens promising a variety of sexual services that will leave him utterly satisfied and ready to return the favor. Comes in handsome blue and black tin with carrying strap. Also available in 31 Sexual Favors for Her.
[more information]  $16.00  
Erotic Foreplay Glow Dice Erotic Foreplay Glow Dice
You'll be racking up the points with your partner when you employ the help of these Glow In The Dark Erotic Dice. You won't be keeping a number tally; your score will be based on arousing actions. Simply roll the dice, and follow their advice. One die tells you what to do to your partner, and the second die tells you where to do it..."Lick Nipples". How you accomplish the task, and where the game leads, is up to you. Don't forget to turn down the lights; the dice glow-in-the-dark. There isn't a score card. We think both players will come out the winner!
[more information]  $7.00  
Glow in the Dark Dice Glow in the Dark Dice
Get the good times rolling and break the ice with these erotic dice. It's easy to score when you have these glow-in-the-dark gems in your pocket. Just turn down the lights, set the mood, and let the games begin! One die tells you what to do, the other tells you which body part to perform the act on. Take turns rolling the dice ad explore each other's intimate side. After a few rolls, you're guaranteed to get lucky! You must be at least 18 years or older to purchase this item. The purchase of this item is prohibited by law in the states of Alabama and Utah.
[more information]  $6.00  
The Bedroom Game The Bedroom Game
The cover on this box is darling! The Bedroom Game is action packed and great for couples wanting to explore their hidden desires and fun fantasies. From seductive foreplay to sexual positions your bedroom will never feel the same!
[more information]  $19.00  
Monogamy A hot Affair Board Game Monogamy A hot Affair Board Game
A game of Monogamy will open up new channels of communication between you both - whether you've been together for many years or a few months.

Monogamy is different from other adult board games on the market as the emphasis is on communication between you and your partner – finding out what really turns each of you on and then translating this into an erotic fantasy to remember at the end!

[more information]  $45.00  
I've Never Board Game I've Never Board Game
How well do you know your best friend, roommate, girlfriend, boyfriend, lover, spouse, etc. "I've Never" is designed to break the ice and challenge you with funny, wild, and crazy questions that will blow your mind
[more information]  $33.00  
What the F*ck Game What the F*ck Game
The What the F*ck drinking game is the perfect game for a pile of silly people who want to get real plastered. This game has over 400 of the most f*cked up questions you've ever heard. So it will never go stale on you, like that open beer that you left unloved in the bathroom.

The person having a turn rolls the dice and is read a question and possible answers from the book corresponding to the roll. The other players vote on which answer they think was chosen. The drinks are then handed out to the losers, and there will be a lot of those running around. Promise. This game is guaranteed to get you and all of your friends bombed beyond belief. Even the winner, who is declared so by having the least amount of drinks, will be sleeping on your couch.

Here are a few sample questions to give you an idea of what you're in for:

- Would you be willing to sand off your nipple's for $100, 000? A. Yes B. No

- How would you rather die? A. Get buried alive B. Drowning in a giant lake of snot

- What would you rather use as a puppet while performing a show for your neighbors? A. Moist pieces of cat poo B. Roadkill

This game includes two different question books, dice, and playing chips. Can be played by 2 - 100 drunkards.
[more information]  $15.00  
Let's F*ck Game Let's F*ck Game

Do you like to F*ck? If so, you'll love this f*cking game! Use the spinner to move around the board until one of your markers lands on the bed. Then you spin the spinner and start F*cking in the position the spinner points to.

The Game Includes:
- a 12 1/4 inch X 7 1/2 inch game board
- a 6-inch spinner
- 4 game markers
- and easy-to-follow game rules

[more information]  $18.00  
Texxxt Message Seductions Game Texxxt Message Seductions Game
A year of sexy text message seductions. Every other week, select one of the cell phone-shaped game cards based on its seduction description. Tear open the screen on the card to reveal a text script you send to your lover throughout the day to seduce him or her for sex that night. There are racy, creative, and entertaining seductions to choose from. Whatever your mood, there's always a wide variety to choose from.
[more information]  $14.00  
4 Play Game Set Game 4 Play Game Set Game
A set of 4 titilating foreplay games! Play Wheel of Pleasure where you spin the spinner and perform the sexual act landed upon with your lover or play Foreplay Dice where you roll the dice to determine which erotic action to perform on your partner and where to perform it. You can play Foreplay Fortune and use the cards to plan the act out one of over 1000 possible sexual fantasies. Last, you can play S, E, X Marks the Spot. Spin the sex top and try to make it stop on the body part of your lover's that you want to satisfy most. Let the games begin!
[more information]  $27.00  
Pin The Macho on the Man Pin The Macho on the Man
Remember Pin the tail on the donkey? Well now you can Pin the Mancho on the Man! Just fill in the each guests name on the unit that most applies to them. Pin or tape the Mancho poster to the wall. Pass out units one at a time and have each guest read the poem and show off their unit. Blindfold guest and apply pin or tape to the unit. Spin guest around and then point them in the right direction. Wherever the unit touches the poster first, either leave unit hanging or write guests name on the poster. The closest unit to the bullseye wins! Measures 24x36, 15 cartoon units w/ poems and 10 extra generic units(incase you want to use your own imagination)
[more information]  $18.00  
Hugs & KIsses Coupon Book Hugs & KIsses Coupon Book
The Hugs 'n Kisses Coupon Book has 27 sweet coupons for couples. Coupons include things like....."this chores for you", "grant me this wish______", "2 hours of your undivided attention" and "Get out of the doghouse free card".
[more information]  $6.00  
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