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Sedusa Advanced Pole Dancing DVD
Strip Chocolate by Chocoholics
Strip Chocolate by Chocoholics
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Do you long to become that dancer who takes her partner’s breath away? If you are a dancer who is looking to enhance your performance with the skills of advanced tricks and the softness of sensuality, then this is the film for you. Whether your wish is to move gracefully and sensually or to have the power to captivate and entice your audience, Sedusa Studio’s Advanced Pole Dance is a sexy and an exciting way to bring the ultimate sensuality into your performance.

This creative film has been designed not only to show the beauty of exotic dance, it will also give you words to educate your audience on the artistry and athleticism it takes to be a beautiful performer.
Sedusa’s Advanced Pole Dancing includes a beautiful comparison of ballet and exotic dance, a Sensual Pole warm-up, 3 sexy advanced pole dance styles, instruction of the transitional moves, instruction of the advanced twirls as well as instruction of the advanced upside downs. Please incorporate any of our moves into your dance or memorize the dance as a whole.

If you have never been to Sedusa, we at Bliss strongly encourage you to check it out! Carol and her team have created a beautiful, warm, sexy studio where you can go and learn some dance techniques that will empower you and she and her team will teach you to embrace yourself and your sensuality.

Check out the Sedusa link here: SEDUSA STUDIO
Color, approximately 60 minutes, Widescreen Stereo, in English
Producer: Carol Whitsett
Dancers: Carol, Liz, Aby, April
Music: "Seduse Me" composed and performed by Haroun Serang
Cover Design: Teresa Nora Trobbe

Price: $25.00

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