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Sliquid H20 Lubricant
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Sliquid is a personal lubricant that we think deserves a closer look. Sliquid is one of only two (that we know about) personal lubricants that are glycerin free. Sliquid is 100% latex safe and condom friendly. So you can use sliquid in good health and with good conscience


This particular Sliquid Lubricant is Sliquid H2O. Sliquid H2O is a water-based personal lubricant and is the original formulation of Sliquid. Sliquid H2O is formulated to emulate your body's own natural lubrication. Sliquid H2O uses plant cellulose as a thickening agent instead of glycerin or other sugar derivatives. Sliquid H2O is perfect for use with all toys and condoms, and safe for all sexual activity. Sliquid H2O is not flavored or scented, and is non-staining and extremely easy to clean up. All Sliquid products are formulated by sensible women, for sensitive women, and will never cause yeast infections or UTI's


Sliquid H20 Ingredients: Purified H2O, Sorbitol, Plant Cellulose, Polyquart 007, Methyl Paraben, propyl Paraben


You might want to know why you would choose to use a glycerin free personal lubricant. Glycerin is a sugar derivative and a common ingredient in most personal lubricants. Glycerine and other sugar derivatives will often cause problems for women who are prone to urinary tract infections and yeast infections. So, if you are more prone to UTI's and yeast infections than the average woman, you should try a glycerin free personal lubricant

. This is a 4 oz. bottle.

Price: $18.00

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