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Anal Toys for Men
Aneros MGX Aneros MGX

Increase the intensity of your orgasms and learn to have multiple orgasms through prostate stimulation.  This bestselling sex toy for men is anatomically designed to massage the prostate from three sides. The main arm massages the prostate directly while a second arm stimulates the other side by tickling the perineum. A curly handle allows for easy penetration, removal, and manipulation alone or by a partner.

A fusion of modern engineering and ancient Eastern eroticism, the Aneros is medically reasearched, designed, and patented.   

  • Stimulate your P-Spot (prostate) to experience stunning orgasms
  • Top rated prostate massager 
  • Continued probing lessens the risk of acquiring Prostate cancer
  • Made of hygienic non-porous material
  • The Aneros MGX model is redesigned for more effective prostate stimulation
  • Easy to clean with soap and water
  • For best results, try either Berman Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner  

Women find it also a pleasure both anally and vaginally. It is approximately one inch in diameter and has an insertion length of approximately four inches.

Cleaning: Made of non-porous FDA approved material, it is easily cleaned with soap and water.

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Aneros Progasm Aneros Progasm

The Progasm is the largest and most robust Aneros stimulator to date which boasts a newly designed round perineum tab. With its acupressure point massage, this "K-Tab" for will increase the Kundalini sensations up and down your back. Plus it includes a uniquely shaped large body.

Despite being the largest Aneros, the Progasm employs the patented, hands-free, self-propulsion mechanism which makes our products the most effective prostate stimulators available. Mobility is a key to success with our products, and despite its size the Progasm moves inside the man's body to provide a robust prostate massage for incredible pleasure.


For the advanced Aneros user
·   For men experienced with anal play/intercourse
·   Thick, contoured head
·   Thicker stem
·   Most difficult to insert
·   Requires extra lubrication
·   Round, ball-shaped perineum tab
·   Round, ball-shaped Kundalini Tab ("K-Tab")
·   The largest Aneros model
·   Aggressive, full sensations on the prostate and anal canal.

[more information]  $75.00  
Aneros Peridise Aneros Peridise

Finally - an Aneros model designed for all of us! The Aneros Peridise is their first anal toy that is the designed for use by folks of all genders. As with all of the Aneros, the Peridise is inserted anally and can be used for solo play or while participating in other forms of sex. Using your muscles to grip the Peridise, the intensity of orgasm can be increased. Just as it is easier to grip a pencil than a needle, the Aneros PeridAfter years of development, we are pleased to announce the release of the Aneros Peridise, our "Unisex Anal PC-Toy" for men and women. The Peridise is a PC sphincter muscle driven device which induces involuntary, peristaltic contractions of the anal canal. This causes an increased blood supply to the region which results in incredible pleasure. How's that for a new concept?

Like the Aneros Prostate Stimulator, the Peridise PC Toy's own newly patented hands-free design makes it extremely versatile for solo sessions or for use during sexual intercourse. Now for the first time, women can also experience the unique pleasures that only Aneros products can deliver. 

Peridise beginner is a little wider than the advanced set. (3 3/4" x 5/6")




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