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Better then Chocolate
Nipple Nibbler Chapstick
Nipple Nibbler Chapstick
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Vibrator: Mystic Wand
Vibrator: Mystic Wand
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Pocket Rocket Original
Pocket Rocket Original
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We know it's quite a claim, but Nomi Tang's Better Than Chocolate vibrator really lives up to its name. Skin-safe elastomer follows your body’s own curves, providing heavenly direct clitoral stimulation. But before you get swept away, take a moment to appreciate the gorgeous design: just run a finger along the touch slider control to change the intensity and vibration pattern (you can even lock the setting once you find your match). Waterproof up to one meter and storable in an elegant white velvet pouch, Better Than Chocolate is the perfect designer vibe to use by yourself or to nestle between bodies.

Download Body Heat, OhMiBod's iPhone app, here! This app gives you infinite intensity and pattern control with just the touch of your fingers.

It's a simple equation, really: innovation + orgasmic function = OhMiBod Better Than Chocolate. Two of our favorite sex toy designers, Nomi Tang and OhMiBod, have teamed up to combine award-winning design, music-powered vibration, and... wait for it... Skype-compatibility! Plug the control into your computer, chat with a lover, and get off to the vibrations of their moans and commands — a dream come true for long-distance couples. Of course, the OhMiBod Better Than Chocolate can also be used in music mode to vibe along with any audio system (wireless, with a 25-foot range from the transmitter), or in manual mode as a waterproof, powerful, and touch-slide controlled vibrator.

This is one cool little vibrator! It picks up the sounds of whatever you plug it into-- music, the audio on a movie, your lover's voice on Skype. The intensity and pattern of the vibrations are easily customizable by working with the volume, and even the basic manual settings are wonderful. It's fun enough to use alone, but if you're in a long distance relationship, it can really help your partner feel responsible for your pleasure and increase intimacy.

Price: $98.00

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