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See what our customers are saying about our adult sex toys, lubricants, dvd's, home stripper poles, massage oils and other products, our service and our Home Pleasure Parties. Feel free to email us or call us with your feedback. 

Bliss Pleasure Parties on YELP from Selina G Nov. 2011:

I FIRST CALLED BLISS FOR A PLEASURE PARTY IN May of 2007. Crystal was the initial contact and she sent a beautiful, intelligent, and funny pleasure party lady over...her name was Maritza....After the event I attended a number of other bliss event and the outcome is always the same with this Company. Bliss is efficient, they are knowledgeable, fun, entertaining, and very giving. Ive been to the day of decadence and ordered things online as well. The pleasure party was a hit and we had so much fun there was also a reward where for every $25 bliss received I received an item. It was a great event and I love bliss's radio show, website, and company as a whole. BLISS is the greatest SEX orientated Company in the world
For those of you who prefer U.S. Mail, our address is Bliss Connection, 1702 Meridian Ave, #139, San Jose, CA 95125. 

You can email us at Info@BlissPartiesInc.com

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Pleasure Parties by Bliss Parties  

Categories: Adult, Lingerie, Party & Event Planning

From TW on YELP:
I went to my first Bliss Pleasure Party a couple of weeks ago and could not have been more pleased.  Typically, I'm not someone that shares these types of experiences, but I have to admit that Chrystal has a wonderful way of making everyone in the room comfortable.  I was pleasantly surprised when she did all of the orders and answered questions in private.  I have been to other parties where it's a free for all and everything is out in the open, needless to say, I had never purchased anything at a party before.  This time I spent a couple hundred dollars and felt completely at ease.  Thank you!  If you are in the market for a way to have a fun evening with your girlfriends, contact Chrystal at http://www.blissconnec....

Pleasure Party Testimonial from Linda on Yelp Oct. 2011:
I found Bliss Pleasure Parties on the internet a day before I was going to have a party through another company.   I was unhappy with the consultant from the other company  (I will not mention the name but is a well known company) as she was hard to get in contact with, my order from the party I had attended did not come in until 1 month later and I was unhappy with the service... I was worried my party I had booked was not going to be successful or if the consultant was going to show up...  I called Chrystal and within 10 minutes she called me back to try and get my party booked with Bliss.  Chrystal was very informative and I felt comfortable from the moment I spoke with her about Bliss Parties.  Within 1 hour, Chrystal called me back to confirm she could help me in my emergency need for a consultant and I was also happy to know that Chrystal was sending a consultant with many years of experience and knowledge of the products.  One other suprise to me is that Bliss Parties set up a shop in my room  so my guests could have privacy to purchase their goodies!!!  

Lanna was my consultant and I was so happy to have her as she was so much fun, my guests had the best time and best of all my party sales were just about $700!   I had friends that had never been to a pleasure party and had such a fun time.  I can not say how thankful and happy I was with the demonstration and product line!  I was also very happy that our backorders came in 1 week, not 1 month like the other company.  Both Chrstal and Lanna kept in contact with me even after my orders arrived.  I would recommend Bliss Parties to anyone who is wanting to have a fun experience with a reputable company that is also very informative and discreet.  I am definately going to book another party in the beginning of next year with Bliss Parties!

Bliss Pleasure Party / Bacehlorette Party Testimonial from Anna Los Gatos, CA March 2012:

"I just wanted to thank you all for making Nicole's bachelorette party such an amazing event. We all had so much fun. It was way better than just going up to the city for the night. The girls always to do that. This was special and unique - something they will always remember.

Chrystal - you rock! The way you presented the products, your explanations, little tips and great stories all added up to one memorable experience. The girls were all so happy about their purchases and the opportunity to learn about some products that they would never have known about. I have been to pleasure parties before so we can honestly say - you are the best! Thanks again for taking the time out of your evening (and birthday party) to be with us - it was truly appreciated."

Bliss Pleasure Party Testimonial from Dorothy in Santa Clara, CA Dec. 2008:

"On Wednesday night I hosted a Bliss Party, and just have to rave about
Chrystal and her business."

You know how lately Oprah's had Dr. Berman on to help women understand
their own bodies better? The women and their spouses have been making
breakthroughs in their intimacy and in their relationships. If you've
been loving the insights shared on Oprah, and want to have an "Aha
Moment" of your own, schedule a party with Chrystal.

Her educational approach to this very important topic is balanced with
light humor. She creates an environment where it is safe to ask
awkward questions. Should your guests have a little too much wine,
Chrystal keeps it tasteful."

Ready to give her a call? Here's her contact info:

Chrystal L. Bougon
Tel: 408-826-9087

BlissConnection.com Testimonial from our online customer in Oregon Mar. 2008:

"We have been shopping on BlissConnection.com for over a year now. We always receive
our purchases in a couple of days and we love their pricing. When we compare their prices
to the adult sex toy stores up here, we always find Bliss more affordable. We have
bought a sex swing, a stripper pole and numerous toys from Bliss. Their sex swing was
$90 less then what the stores in Portland sell it for!"

BlissConnection.com Customer Vanessa & Damon V, Nov. 2007

My wife had a Bliss pleasure party about a year ago which is how we found out about Blissconnection.com.  We are on their mailing list. We get their emails and newsletters occasionally and love their informative emails and discounts.  We are always thrilled with their quick service, discreet packaging and great prices. We have told lots of friends about BC, too. BlissConnection.com is a first class organization and they make you feel very comfortable even when we ask them crazy or silly questions about their toys. Thank you Bliss.
Pleasure Party and Online Customer, Joan M. Dec. 2007

Wow is all we can say. We have used other Pleasure Party companies in the past and were always left wanting a little more. We had a fabulous consultant who has been doing parties for 10 years and she was so great. She was patient with our drunk group, helpful with our lesbian group and even more patient with our 20 somethings. I have also used their website twice now for Gift Certificates and for refills on the Eros Lube, Coochy Shave Cream and for gifts for some of my friends. We are always thrilled with their service and their discretion. We can all highly recommend Bliss parties and the Bliss website.

Pleasure Party by Gayle G, Sept 2007

We had a "Mardi Gras" theme pleasure party. Bliss actually gave us the idea. We wanted to add a theme to make the party extra memorable for Stevie, our bachelorette. Stevie ended up with a free stripper pole and a few free toys like the Pearl Rabbit. We had alot of girls and it was a big party, but somehow Bliss was able to keep their cool and keep our focus. Their parties are always fun and we always learn something new - even when we're half drunk.

Pleausure Party Hostess, Ashley L, July 2007

Bliss does the best pleasure parties. All of our friends use Bliss and we have used Bliss
for bachelorette parties, special birthdays, for our book club and pretty much
any party.  We also bought one of their stripper pole and we set it up before each
party to really get the girls warmed up before the party.

Pleasure Party Hostess, Regina C. in Los Gatos, Jan 2007:

"We have been using Chrystal, the founder of Bliss, for our pleasure parties
( http://www.blisspartiesi... ) for the last 4 or 5 years. She does the most educational, funny and sometimes evocative parties that keep us talking for weeks afterwards. She is super knowledgeable about everything she sells and does it with alot of tact, professionalism and great candor."

Online Customer, Amanda H. in Sunnyvale, CA, Dec. 2006:

"I read their article about "13 Ways to use a Silver Bullet" that Bliss published and then bought the 5 Speed Pulsating Bullet and tried almost all 13 ways. Still finding more ways to use that bullet. We got our products quickly, had great phone help when we were trying to decide WHAT to buy. We saw their ad on Google and were happy to see they are local. My friends and I are going to have a Bliss Pleasure Party in March near St. Patty's day."

Pleasure Party hostess and online customer, Esmeralda L, Nov. 2006

"We have been using Bliss Parties for the past 4 years for our annual Girls Night "In". I also call or order my refills online for the Shave Cream, Eros Lubricant and the Making Love Massage Oil. We are always thrilled with our purchases, the service and especially the products. Normally we get our delivery a day or two after we order. We are in Gilroy, so we are just one hour away from their warehouse."

Online customer, David & Elisa R., Nov. 2006

"We always get our purchases right away and when we need some help, we just give them a call and they answer all of our questions professionally and help us to choose the right products. We never feel like they are just selling us something. They try to find the right product for us."

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