Fierce Fatty Online Conference

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he Fierce Fatty Conference is a 5 week online course designed by me, the Resident Curvy Girl at Curvy Girl Lingerie, Fat Activist and Author, Chrystal Bougon.  This course is designed to give you the tools and the tactics to THRIVE in the world that can be very fat phobic. I want to leave you feeling empowered, powerful and enjoying every pleasure your body can create. Let’s do this! And, you can participate at your own pace as it will all be recorded and available forever on our Private Facebook Group.

The GREAT NEWS! You do not have to be on each “LIVE” to enjoy each chapter/segment. The video recording of it will remain active on our special Private Group, so you can go and watch it whenever you have time. (But, for best results, join us live on FB for each seminar/class is preferred because you get the option of asking questions during the live recording.)

I hope to have about 10 to 20 people in this Aug/Sept seminar, so you will all be able to ask questions more easily  (You can also go back and add questions later which I will do my best to answer within about a day.)

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I understand. You may be more of an introvertand you prefer to go through my live videos on our Private Facebook page at your own speed. You may prefer to never comment or ask a question in our group (or ever) and that is ok, too.  (I am in a long term relationship with a level 10 introvert and I recognize that we all like to learn things and do things in the manner that make us the most comfortable.)  Yes, I am more of an EXTRA-vert.  (I like to consider myself an ambivert, but he would say I am an extreme extrovert.)

Ok, let’s get into the topics so you know what the heck we are covering in this online conference/webinar and decide if it’s right for you.


What are the things you might take away from our FB Live Video Seminars? 

  • Do you want to feel more comfortable having sex with the lights on? Do you want to learn to really let go of any insecurities you have around your body in the bedroom? I have some tips.
  • Are you unsure how to handle the haters when you are in a public place? Would you like to learn some of my tactics that work for me and how I am always prepared? (BTW, I love to go out to eat by myself and I love to go to the movies by myself, too!)
  • Do you never ever  (or RARELY EVER) fly anywhere because you are anxious flying while fat? I would love to share my tips for flying somewhat comfortably.
  • Do you have want to wear your Curvy Girl lingerie or other sexy clothes with boldness?
  • Are you sick and tired of being treated like crap by your medical providers? I have some tips to share with you about navigating the medical b.s. and my tips for how to prepare for each of your drs appointments.
  • Do you want to try to get comfortable with self identifying with the word fat and help take the “insult” out of the word fat?
  • Are you uncomfortable eating in public alone or with others? Would you like to learn some techniques for eating in public in a fat body?
  • I would love to share with you my 6 Tips for Loving Your Fat Body tactics.
  • I will show you my Curvy Girl bra hack to show you how I hack my bra to work for wearing lingerie and still giving my lover access to my nipples while giving my H.E.A.V.Y. breasts some support.


If you are interested in it, I will share a FREE copy (in PDF format) of my book “Making It Hot:  Sex Tips From the Curvy Girl Playbook.”


For people who are interested, I will do a 6th week for free. The topic will be my sex tips for giving AMAZING Oral Sex and for having pain free anal sex. (I have 15 years coaching men and women on these two topics. So, for those who are interested, I will do a 6th week with just these tips.)

$35 for Early Bird Fierce Fatty Online Conference