• Leilani Plus Size Baby Doll from Intimate Attitudes

    $70.00 $60.00

    **This item is by Special Order ONLY and may take 10-12 business days to ship. Not available for rush delivery.**

    With a fit and flair cut to flatter the figure, a cute ribbon tie front and adjustable straps. This baby doll has that universal style that is flattering on everyone! (Although if you are under 5'0 tall, you may get a bit lost in it.  We have noticed some of our customers who are 4'11" and shorter didn't love it on them.) 

    The material is microfibre so it's adorable on everyone and feels amazing to the person wearing it and to the person cuddling with you, too.  The microfibre smooths out lumps and bumps which seems to give our customers lots of confidence when they put it on. We can see the smile in their eyes as soon as we find the right size.
    The 1x first women size 12/14/16.  The 2x women size 18/20/22.  The 3x women size 20/22 some 24's if more of an hourglass. The 4x fits women size 24/26. The 5x fits women 26/28. The 6x fits women size 28/30.
    Now, these are not ABSOLUTES, but generally how it works. A lot depends on body type and where you carry your weight. But, we have SO MUCH FUN with this piece at the boutique and it's always a great "first time in lingerie" piece for those of us not use to wearing lingerie.  Super sexy and sassy.