About Us

It is our goal to help you find high quality reliable sex toys that will help bring more Bliss into your love life.  

We like to empower women and couples with information about adult toys and how they can enhance their intimate relationships, and like to say that we sell "Luvin' Products from Loving People" and have many variations on that theme. 

I have been selling sex toys here since 2003! Now that is a lot of orgasms.)

We are real people who have spent many hours researching our products, how they work, how long they last, and how well they will hold up under normal "romantic" conditions.

I founded BlissConnection.com after working in the corporate world in "high tech" in Silicon Valley for 15 years. I just sort of stumbled into this industry after attending a Pleasure Party in January 2003 and was inspired by a really awful presentation where the consultant could not even use the proper "medical" terminology for how to use the products she was presenting! (She could not say penis or vagina! She used the words "down there.")

We have heard from thousands of women and couples about our products, our customer service and our home party presentations and each one inspires us to. Be sure to read our Testimonial Page! Most importantly, our customer's input inspires us to continue having a good sense of humor about all things related to sex! Sex should be fun and sometimes it's even funny.

We hope you find our products and our service FIRST CLASS. We pride ourselves on quality and personal service and hope that when you're super satisfied with your purchases, that you will recommend us to your friends and colleagues. That is the highest compliment you can pay for our company and we truly appreciate your business. Feel free to contact us if you have any feedback or ideas for products we should sell. We are always looking for great quality, innovative and artfully crafted toys, lubricants, massage oils, books, stripper poles and more.