• 12 Days of Sex : Advent Calendar by Bijous

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    But what is ’12 Sexy Days’ exactly? This elegant and discreet box houses 12 pieces from the Bijoux Indiscrets collection, with the aim of awakening your senses. Each product is hidden behind an individual numbered window to keep the mystery going for 12 days. ’12 Sexy Days’ is a treasure chest of seduction that will enhance both your sexiest and wildest sides whether you’re alone or in company.


    To be a goddess of seduction, there’s just one simple rule to contend with: do things bit by bit. Yes, we know, in the face of curiosity it can be hard to resist temptation. But what if we told you it’s worth the wait? ’12 Sexy Days’ was designed and conceived to enable you to enhance your power of seduction through self-awareness. And, to do so, it’s paramount that you enjoy each moment and product without any form of haste.

    The accessories you’ll find in ’12 Sexy Days’ are designed to be enjoyed both in and outside of the bedroom, in the strictest privacy or with whomever you choose to embark on this adventure. Wear them with bare skin, your favorite lingerie or your most daring outfits.

    Open one window per day in numerical order. Explore the product, fantasize about the many possibilities it has to offer, experiment with its uses and discover what it can do for you today. Perhaps you’ll feel like wearing it around the house, or you might prefer to show it off on a night out. Or maybe you’ll want to vibrrrrrate with pleasure. It’ll all depend on which window you’ve opened and your own personal preferences.

    Be Naughty... Save Santa the Trip!