• Emma Hands Free Remote Egg Vibe

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    • Wireless Remote has 8 feet range - quiet - ideal toy for risque play in a public setting
    • 8 vibration settings each - 2 speed levels for tailored play.
    • A perfect couple's gift that can be used secretly in public.
    • Fully waterproof for hygienic cleaning between uses. Stows away discreetly in the included leather case.
    • Rechargeable USB - charger and travel lock function.

    • Most importantly, the toy was extremely quiet - even on the top 2 speeds you could only hear it if you really listened for it. I felt not at all concerned when using it in public places.
    • When play was over I found the silky coating to be very easy to clean - I personally used cleaning wipes.

      To charge the toy all you have to do is simply unscrew the tail of the egg, which offers a small charging port that appears to be specific to the toy (so don't lose the cable!).

      Within the instructions it describes the case offering a discreet charging whole, however from what I could tell all this meant is you poke it out of the zip and don't quite zip it up all the way! Whilst the toy is charging you get a pulse LED which is only visible when charging or being pressed, and it is very clear once charging is complete. I'm not 100% sure how long the complete charge took me, but it certainly didn't feel like a long time.

      I was unable to really test the range but I didn't come across any issues on everyday use.

      The remote control, like the egg, is silky soft and looks very classy. It has a bronze gold underside and 3 raised buttons - power up and down, and the selection/power button. It is very responsive for a wireless toy and offers a lovely ergonomic shape which means it fits easily in the palm of your hand.

      I enjoyed using this toy so much and would definitely recommend it to couples or individuals looking to splash out on a quality - not to mention extremely discreet - remote controlled toy. The look, feel and performance are more than worth the price tag, and the discreetness of it means it can be used wherever, whenever - without anyone else being any the wiser!